Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mixing Metallics

We often get caught up with matching all the metallic finishes in a space and in some cases it is best to stay consistent with metallics. For instance, when selecting kitchen or bathroom hardware it is nice to stay uniform. Gold, silver, copper and bronze can all blend nicely together and play off each other. My favorite metallic color is champagne. I love the color and the drink! Champagne, the color, can go gold or silver and can be the perfect hue to blend the two. The heavy use of metallic finishes creates a high luster look and will make a space feel glamorous. Metallic elements can also be added to a more rustic space for just the right dose of elegance.


Fun Idea: Implement metallic wallpaper or metallic paint. If you can't afford gold leaf, Modern Masters carries a line of metallic paints with just the right amount of sparkle for any space.

Tip: Try painting just the ceiling of a room in metallic paint. Any room with a chandelier would be ideal to reflect the light back down into the space.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Introducing the Etherian Home Blog

Hello and welcome to the official Etherian Home Blog! This is our first post and we'd like to start by introducing ourselves to you. We are Liz Maylas and Corbin Winters, co-founders of Etherian Home, Interior Design & Decor. We are interior designers in San Diego, California who have a passion for all things aesthetic. We live for inspiring spaces and thrive on new and creative ideas. We admire the unexpected and describe our personal style as eclectic or global chic. We are excited to share our ideas and findings with you as we explore the infinite world of design.
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