Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kelly Wearstler- Love it or Leave it?

As self proclaimed Kelly Wearstler fans (really, who isn't?) we are always excited to see what she will come up with next. As of late it has been an accessories line as well as a fashion line. I have to say that I probably love fashion just as much as interior design and home styling so I was thrilled to find out that Kelly Wearstler was branching out into fashion. With all that being said there are some pieces that I love and others that I myself simply could not rock.

Let's start with the accessories...
What I'm Wild About

Brass and Quartz Pyramid Necklace
I love this piece. It combines two of my favorite materials. The chunky brass chain is substantial and the pyramid cut quarts is fantastic.

Pyrite and Brass Bangle
Again, love the materials (as you may know I am a big fan of brass). I'm into the subtle monochromatic feel of this bangle and what I love most about these pieces is that they are so geometric. 

What I'm Not Wild About

Pyrite-Embellished Brass Necklace
This just reminds me of a medieval weapon. It's the old ball and chain...not feeling it. Just does not feel very chic...I get that it's edgy but I don't think it's for me.

I am a huge fan of Kelly Wearstler's textiles but the scarves in this collection just don't do it for me. They're not terrible or anything but I'm just not over the top about them.

Now we can get to the clothes....

What I'm Wild About

Gypsum Striped Blazer
This is my favorite piece in the collection. Love the pattern, fit, color and sheen of the fabric.

Oncidum Printed Blouse
Great everyday piece in an airy and comfortable fabric. This is the kind of piece I will always buy.

Feathered Chevron Dress
Great LBD

Tanzanite Striped Blazer & Arcadia Skirt
This whole outfit is perfect! Great look for work...very chic!

Dorian One-Shoulder Dress
This dress is great for a romantic evening out. Love the drama of the draped fabric.

What I'm Not Wild About

The truth is I love just about everything in this collection but there are a couple of pieces I just can't see myself wearing but I think that is what's so great about this line. There are unique pieces to fit everyone's taste. So here goes...

Dendrobium Velvet Dress
I love the material and color but the way the fabric drapes just doesn't seem flattering. 

Tie Waist Fur Coat
To be fair I'm not much into fur coats and this one is made from black dyed lamb pieces. Not my thing but I'm sure there are many others who are into this look. Just feels like something out of the Munsters to me.

 What did you think? Are there pieces you love or hate?

Check out Kelly Wearstler's accessories line here and her clothing line here.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


One of my favorite tools is Google Reader. Simply could not live without it now. I spend hours and hours searching through blogs for inspiration and ideas and Google Reader has given me a tool to help streamline all that searching. It brings all the new posts from my favorite blogs to one place and allows me to save my favorites. From time to time I like to dig through all the posts that I've "starred" for some inspiration. Here are some of my favorite images collected so far this year.

Awesome living wall.

I think these are pieces of wood that have been sanded down and painted. They look like precious gems.

Painting that looks like crystals.

Can't stop looking at this picture..the metallic chevron patterned cabinet and gold metallic tables are right up my alley.

Obsessed with vein cut stone and in a chevron die for. Love love love the upholstered and studded doors.

Like the simplicity of the color palate...white black and a splash of green. The lucite legs on these chairs along with the chandelier make this room. 

Don't usually like murals but this one caught my attention. This room just feels super bohemian which I love.

Bohemian meets Glamour

Rainbow over the city in Chicago. Taken by one of my best friends

Emerald green and long beautiful hair.

Lucite and rainbow colored hardware.

Rainbow pants....guess I was really feeling the rainbow thing.

I am determined to find a coffee table like this one for myself. Anyone know where to find this? It has everything I need...round shape, mirror top and brass metal tone. 

*Click images for source
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